When reviewing over the latest news releases and looking for a good one to report on, I discovered one of the most tragic and heart stopping stories. I typically do not enjoy writing about these subject lines, but this story simply stood out from the rest. I felt it necessary to comment and examine this article as it shows a softer side of media. The story is written by KETV on December 7 regarding a photo release of 2-year-old, Aiden Curry. This hit me personally because I have a nephew that is also Aiden, 7. The story of a child killed by a 18-wheeler crushing into the back of Aiden’s parents car sadly killing Aiden. It is a story that brings viewers together to remember how lucky every day is and how to not forget to say ‘I love you’ to your friends and family. I feel strongly that these stories are vital for society because it brings a sense of reality to a society hell bunt on destruction and moral indecency. The photo on the article is the photo they took of Aiden earlier that same day he was sadly taken. The family released the photo to the media in hopes of spreading the love and joy Aiden felt into thousands of Omaha residents. I always find these stories to be incredibly humbling as it puts into perspective what is truly important in life and what is not. I strong encourage everyone to look out for these empowering stories to hopefully bring more care and respect into a world losing those qualities daily.


The future of journalism for The Omaha-World Herald will be obtaining a new owner soon. That new owner is known other then Warren Buffett, founder of Berkshire Hathaway. To get more detailed information, I discovered a detailed article by Jeff Bundy on Omaha.com. The article not only included a well formulated summary of Buffett’s speech at his shareholders meeting. Bundy also included a historic photograph with Omaha-World Herald publisher Terry Kroeger introducing the future owner of one of the last locally owned and employee owned newspaper in America. Buffett is willing to pay $200 million dollars for a company he feels is well-run and a major asset to the “vibrant” nature of Omaha. This article and this moment in history will entirely change the outlook on newspapers for the future. This may very well be among the most historic moment in newspaper history in Omaha and the United States. Buffett is not merely buying it out of future profit probabilities, but his true love of keeping the last locally-owned newspaper open in America. This news story could not be pasted up as this will potentially be affecting all present journalist student at Creighton looking for some optimism in the journalism field. The future of print news is sadly dwindling away to bloggers, online news sites, and citizen journalist. Buffett hopes to keep journalism a career with talented employes with education to certify their writing. Do you believe Buffett’s plan on buying The Omaha-World Herald will improve the future career outlook of journalists or just be a way to keep the newspaper afloat for sometime? We must wait and see!

The 2011 NASCAR season was likely the most exciting seasons in recent years with a incredible 3 point division between points leader and second place. They were only 3 points separating a possible NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion and second place creating a last race for the history books. My four uncles and five cousins were attending the last race at Homestead-Miami as they have done for over 10 years there. They received their regular exclusive pit passes which allowed them access to the actual pit areas where drivers are, dinning at exclusive infield restaurant, and front row seats to pre-race activities. The cost for a single-person package is over $300 dollars. The First Lady and Mrs. Biden decided to make an appearance at the race, but none of the fans were planning out what would occur next. Over 30,000 fans have the opportunity to go into the infield general area with their general ticket( $150). That day merely 5,000 fans were lucky to even make it to the general area because of the various security checkpoints and newly restricted areas. My families $300 dollar per ticket package was about to become entirely wasted. They waited for over an hour to get into the exclusive area, but the security checkpoints backed the lines up so they had no choice but to return to general seating. This frustration of money literally wasted was overpowering for many fans. When the First Lady and Mrs. Biden, a small majority of the crowd booed as my family noted. Nobody around them did, but for about 10-15 seconds they could hear booing. They did not spend any more time then 15 seconds thinking about it. I myself was watching the race live and also spent no more then 15 seconds thinking about the booing. It only was replayed for me when certain news organizations started creating what I call “Drama Filled Report” about a 15 second booing incident that could barely be heard. It took MSNBC, CNN, and NBC not long to report the booing. CNN website writers and bloggers ate it up like pie. The possibility of it being a more “conservative sport”, white demographics typically, and just being NASCAR made them jump onto this story. CNN White House Reporter Alexander Mooney reported an article today acknowledging the blatant disrespect. This report accompanied by dozens more  really shows were media lies wit viewers. They seemingly glorify Jersey Shore and Occupy while singling out a sport working incredibly hard for more fans. The ONLY TIME certain news groups cover NASCAR is over fatalities and ridicules drama filled reports like this. They certainly don’t write dozens of articles demonizing the Occupy movement, but instead glorify it. They don’t look at how most cable shows are blantly trash filled with reality stars looking for quick fame. They dont report daily on how the Internet has no moral limitations on how people talk. The moral code in America fell off the bandwagon 20 years ago. Come On America!

This cleverly named article was found on ABC News website on the front webpage. The article discusses the capture of a couple who have been accused of murmuring two and part of the disappearance of two others. The stories details of brutal murders is nothing abnormal to the news media, but in order to really capture readers is to make it more exciting in a sense. Newsgroups goal is to attract as many readers as possible while creating suspenseful and reliable news. I found this article to be interesting because of their use of a slogan as the headline phrase. This compels readers to click on the link to the main article to read further in. In today’s market, news companies have so much competition that they must be more and more witty to attract an audience. The use of catchy and notable headline phrases is truly what gets readers to click on the article. Not only does the news organization want to attract readers, but also the journalist covering the story wants audiences to read his or her work. Using corny phrases is what makes a regular story a front page story attracting a larger audience. I felt this article was a great illustration of a journalists use of phrases to attract additional readers. You must keep readers interested and craving more to keep them focuses since we live in a society that is distracted consistently by technology and quick access to everything.

Writer: Richie Steier (JRS33178)

On the main webpage of KETV News Watch 7 site, I noticed a story regarding Dundee which I remember was in the papers regarding the afternoon robbery that occurred there few days ago. I was definitely mistaken when the national American Planning Association ranked Dundee as a Top Ten neighborhood in the country. When I first came around to reading this article, I initially thought it was interesting and charming to think Omaha was in a Top Ten ranking system. But when I looked back on the recent afternoon robbery of a man in the heart of Dundee, it made the article become alive. I have always felt that newspapers and news media have played a strong role in creating drama and excitement in a community. They have the power to deliver any message they perceive as being news worthy and many times it is to gain viewers. That is a main reason why news organizations cover crimes and accidents because they know readers want that and crave it. I feel that this ranking of Dundee was a opportunity for the news organization to cover Dundee in a positive way and hopefully squash any negative feelings since that afternoon stick up that shook the small community. Newspapers and news media hold a very large role in what the citizens see and read about. It is a tremendous responsibility and must be taken seriously when choosing what stories to publish.

Website URL= http://www.ketv.com/news/29388872/detail.html

Writer: Richie Steier(JRS33178)

This photographic in this link which can be found on the CNN homepage website is an absolutely incredible illustration of a journalists way of describing the events of that day. The picture is of a person with their hands covering there face as enormousness smoke shoots from their brain. The artists main intent is to show just how much confusion and anxiety was surrounding those that witnessed and where apart of the attacks that day. It shows how a person can be in such chaos that they can hold all their unnerving feelings inside and just want to explode. This journalism example is a perfect demonstration of how many people that day must have felt and thought as the events unfolded right in front of them.

Richie Steier

September 11, 2001 is to many to be the most devastating and tragic day in the countries history. They attacked our homeland using commercial jet airlines to attack our symbolic and treasured landmarks. The attacks brought down the most admired and prestigious economical symbols in the world, the World Trade Centers. They attacked our military symbol known as the Pentagon and brought down a airliner in the open fields of  Pennsylvania. The article I am outlining was not only dedicated to the tragic losses of these attacks, but the children those parents left on this earth. They left behind a wife, husband, child, and a family core that would never be the same. Ann O’Neill of CNN wrote this article after the interviews of children whose parents were swept away for the cause of true evil. They lost their bed time reader, their baseball couch, and their role model. This article illustrates the unimaginable loss and incredible grief that these children were put into when they should have been worried about their homework, getting to soccer practice, or having Sunday night dinner.  To so many those days where long gone in their eyes and many believed their life could never be the same. But this article also shows that after 10 years, they have grown up and bettered themselves to honor there lost parent. This article is a great example of journalism as it grips our hearts and creates flows of tears, but also illustrates that we can become stronger and more resilient in times of grief. That is the biggest learning gesture I took away from this article in that we all can find positive and ways to recover in ways that would make those angles watching over us proud.

Richie Steier