On Friday morning, a horrific accident occurred when a Dodge Neon slammed into the back of a semi truck. The two individuals located in the car were taken out and sent to the hospital with injuries. Though the truck driver didn’t even realize he was hit by a car, the damage of the car was visually disturbing. The entire car was completely under the back of the truck and smashed all the way down. The police commented that alcohol and speed were factors in the accident. This story is a great example of what news organizations look at when wanting a large audience. This story is very unique in that a car smashed horrifically into a semi truck, alcohol was involved, and speed was a possible reason for the crash. These three components attract readers and make it a eye catching front page story. What makes this story more remarkable is that the driver and passenger survived which is astounding when looking at the photos. These stories are what people crave for and want when reading the newspapers because they are exciting. When newsgroups make surveys on what people want, it is these stories that readers crave and desire to listen too. Some may not want to admit it, but people find these stories to be interesting and worth reading about. News groups will continue to put these small and needless stories on their papers and sites as long as people keep reading them!