As we get closer to the 10th anniversary, we face the reality that our country may not be as secured as we would truly hope for. This article outlines the shortcomings and potential problems facing our national security while also illustrating that our country has become one of the safest country in the world. The article illustrates the several new security measures at our airports such as full body scanners at airport checkpoints. But this article also demonstrates that we still have faults in our security measures that have brought the Christmas Day bomber and several other attempts to our country. What I found fascinating to make this article more appealing and interesting, the writer demonstrates that the advancement of the computer, internet, and blogging sites have allowed terrorist organizations to penetrate our homeland. This article demonstrates that American citizens have become victims to the overseas terrorists. I found it fascinating how the writer brings up the negative implications of the internet when this article was found on the internet. It just gave us a new perspective on the realities of modern technology and how they can be abused by terrorist organizations. Do you believe the internet and modern communications tools have helped in the advancement of terrorists overseas with contacting U.S. citizens for recruitment?

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Writer: Richie Steier (JRS33178)