Through August 19th-September 5th, the Omaha Police Department conducted the “You Drink & Drive, Your Lose Campaign” This is where officers go out collecting as many drunk drivers during a certain period of time allowing for more safe and secured streets. This campaign has brought 97 DWI arrests, 2660 speeding tickets, 53 drug possessions, and 123 Driving under Suspension. What makes this article interesting is that it focuses on a topic that has a tendency to get a lot of coverage, but that coverage is typically about a alcohol related fatal crash. Luckily this article is focusing on the success rate of the Omaha Police Department and there continuing fight to stop drunks from driving. But what this article does is attract viewers attention by explaining the large amounts of arrests which really is compelling to viewers. The news organization and the Police Department use the media to benefit their own causes being either being a red flag to potential drunk drivers or attention grabber for the news. These stories are what get readers attention as it makes them think twice and discuss it with others. These articles certainly play a important part in polices way of getting to the viewers and sending warnings to those who decide to break certain laws. Do you feel this article is compelling enough to detour drunk drivers?

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Writer: Richie Steier (JRS33178)