September 11, 2001 is to many to be the most devastating and tragic day in the countries history. They attacked our homeland using commercial jet airlines to attack our symbolic and treasured landmarks. The attacks brought down the most admired and prestigious economical symbols in the world, the World Trade Centers. They attacked our military symbol known as the Pentagon and brought down a airliner in the open fields of  Pennsylvania. The article I am outlining was not only dedicated to the tragic losses of these attacks, but the children those parents left on this earth. They left behind a wife, husband, child, and a family core that would never be the same. Ann O’Neill of CNN wrote this article after the interviews of children whose parents were swept away for the cause of true evil. They lost their bed time reader, their baseball couch, and their role model. This article illustrates the unimaginable loss and incredible grief that these children were put into when they should have been worried about their homework, getting to soccer practice, or having Sunday night dinner.  To so many those days where long gone in their eyes and many believed their life could never be the same. But this article also shows that after 10 years, they have grown up and bettered themselves to honor there lost parent. This article is a great example of journalism as it grips our hearts and creates flows of tears, but also illustrates that we can become stronger and more resilient in times of grief. That is the biggest learning gesture I took away from this article in that we all can find positive and ways to recover in ways that would make those angles watching over us proud.

Richie Steier