This cleverly named article was found on ABC News website on the front webpage. The article discusses the capture of a couple who have been accused of murmuring two and part of the disappearance of two others. The stories details of brutal murders is nothing abnormal to the news media, but in order to really capture readers is to make it more exciting in a sense. Newsgroups goal is to attract as many readers as possible while creating suspenseful and reliable news. I found this article to be interesting because of their use of a slogan as the headline phrase. This compels readers to click on the link to the main article to read further in. In today’s market, news companies have so much competition that they must be more and more witty to attract an audience. The use of catchy and notable headline phrases is truly what gets readers to click on the article. Not only does the news organization want to attract readers, but also the journalist covering the story wants audiences to read his or her work. Using corny phrases is what makes a regular story a front page story attracting a larger audience. I felt this article was a great illustration of a journalists use of phrases to attract additional readers. You must keep readers interested and craving more to keep them focuses since we live in a society that is distracted consistently by technology and quick access to everything.

Writer: Richie Steier (JRS33178)