On the main webpage of KETV News Watch 7 site, I noticed a story regarding Dundee which I remember was in the papers regarding the afternoon robbery that occurred there few days ago. I was definitely mistaken when the national American Planning Association ranked Dundee as a Top Ten neighborhood in the country. When I first came around to reading this article, I initially thought it was interesting and charming to think Omaha was in a Top Ten ranking system. But when I looked back on the recent afternoon robbery of a man in the heart of Dundee, it made the article become alive. I have always felt that newspapers and news media have played a strong role in creating drama and excitement in a community. They have the power to deliver any message they perceive as being news worthy and many times it is to gain viewers. That is a main reason why news organizations cover crimes and accidents because they know readers want that and crave it. I feel that this ranking of Dundee was a opportunity for the news organization to cover Dundee in a positive way and hopefully squash any negative feelings since that afternoon stick up that shook the small community. Newspapers and news media hold a very large role in what the citizens see and read about. It is a tremendous responsibility and must be taken seriously when choosing what stories to publish.

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Writer: Richie Steier(JRS33178)