The future of journalism for The Omaha-World Herald will be obtaining a new owner soon. That new owner is known other then Warren Buffett, founder of Berkshire Hathaway. To get more detailed information, I discovered a detailed article by Jeff Bundy on The article not only included a well formulated summary of Buffett’s speech at his shareholders meeting. Bundy also included a historic photograph with Omaha-World Herald publisher Terry Kroeger introducing the future owner of one of the last locally owned and employee owned newspaper in America. Buffett is willing to pay $200 million dollars for a company he feels is well-run and a major asset to the “vibrant” nature of Omaha. This article and this moment in history will entirely change the outlook on newspapers for the future. This may very well be among the most historic moment in newspaper history in Omaha and the United States. Buffett is not merely buying it out of future profit probabilities, but his true love of keeping the last locally-owned newspaper open in America. This news story could not be pasted up as this will potentially be affecting all present journalist student at Creighton looking for some optimism in the journalism field. The future of print news is sadly dwindling away to bloggers, online news sites, and citizen journalist. Buffett hopes to keep journalism a career with talented employes with education to certify their writing. Do you believe Buffett’s plan on buying The Omaha-World Herald will improve the future career outlook of journalists or just be a way to keep the newspaper afloat for sometime? We must wait and see!