When reviewing over the latest news releases and looking for a good one to report on, I discovered one of the most tragic and heart stopping stories. I typically do not enjoy writing about these subject lines, but this story simply stood out from the rest. I felt it necessary to comment and examine this article as it shows a softer side of media. The story is written by KETV on December 7 regarding a photo release of 2-year-old, Aiden Curry. This hit me personally because I have a nephew that is also Aiden, 7. The story of a child killed by a 18-wheeler crushing into the back of Aiden’s parents car sadly killing Aiden. It is a story that brings viewers together to remember how lucky every day is and how to not forget to say ‘I love you’ to your friends and family. I feel strongly that these stories are vital for society because it brings a sense of reality to a society hell bunt on destruction and moral indecency. The photo on the article is the photo they took of Aiden earlier that same day he was sadly taken. The family released the photo to the media in hopes of spreading the love and joy Aiden felt into thousands of Omaha residents. I always find these stories to be incredibly humbling as it puts into perspective what is truly important in life and what is not. I strong encourage everyone to look out for these empowering stories to hopefully bring more care and respect into a world losing those qualities daily.